Tejas Express passengers to be compensated for any delay

Passengers of IRCTC’s Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express will be compensated in case of delays, the Railway subsidiary said announcing a first of its kind offer from any national carrier.

An amount of Rs 100 will be paid in case the delay is for over an hour and Rs 250 for delay of over two hours, the IRCTC said ahead of the launch of its first train.

This latest offer is in addition to the Rs 25-lakh free insurance that will be given to passengers of the train. This travel insurance also includes coverage of Rs 1 lakh against household theft and robbery during travel period of the passengers, again a first for those travelling on board trains.

The train will be flagged off on October 4. Many countries and cities over the globe compensate passengers for delays – some do so as monetary compensation and some in kind.

In Japan and Paris, a delay certificate is issued to passengers by railway companies as proof that a train arrived at a station later than stated in the company’s scheduled timetable which can be shown in schools or offices for late admission at university exams.The certificate is issued when delays as little as five minutes occur.

In the UK, rail passengers are entitled to get automatic compensation for delayed journeys. The IRCTC said a passenger is required to fill up a claim form with the insurance company in the link provided online or lodge a claim for train delay on its toll free number.

The claim can be lodged through registered post also at the insurance company address. On the submission of the required documents, the insurance company will settle the claim within two to three days, the IRCTC said.

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