This diwali burn choco crackers!

Diwali is the festival of light and crackers are integral part of the festivities. Year on year crores of crackers are burnt and celebrated across the country. However there is a new twist for this year’s Diwali Celebration.

Jayashree, Dr. Meghana and Rajyashree of familyar are into chocolate business. They do unique chocolate gifting and have came upwith a new concept of creating ChocoCrackers this Diwali…yes crackers which are made out of chocolates and which definitely will burst inside your mouth.  Dr. meghana’s story of creating This Unique Idea came from Her son’s Experience

Last year my son turned 8, and it was the time he was discovering a new feeling, COMPASSION. He realised he was a dog lover, named all the dogs along the street. They adored him as well. During diwali, he went out with a box of crackers and bowl of food for the dogs. He fed them and starting bursting crackers along with his friends. To his surprise, rather shock he found all the dogs running helter-skelter trying to hide somewhere. He ran back home with a decision of never bursting crackers again. Within a few minutes he began crying.

He asked me ” Maa, how can I enjoy my Diwali without crackers??”

When this was put across to our team, together we came up an answer, Yes!!!Diwali means crackers, and we made CHOCOCRACKERS!!!

So for those who don’t want to enjoy bursting the real crackers, you could burst them in your mouth.

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