India has a long knowledge tradition which covers all aspects of Life and beyond

Bengaluru 9 Nov: India has a long knowledge tradition, with many diverse pholosophies covering all aspects of living and beyong. Each of these pholosophies has its own complete view of knowledge, its organization, understanding  and reasoning – in short epistemology of its own. All philosophies emphasise on the desire to know as the strong driving force behind human evolution and development.

While the Vedas had all the solutions for the problems, it has been forgotten by the common man who generally adapted himself to the Western techniques of knowledge. Hence Prof. M A Lakshmithathachar of Sansrkiti Foundation in collaboration with Unvishat Karya Limited launched a book Saakshaatkar – The gateway to vedic solutions which gives a snapshot of how antient india flared in various sections of studies and what does vedas have to enlighten us on the same.

The book was released by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyer Swamy Varu of Divya Saketham, Shamshabad in the presence of Justice M N Venkatachalaiah (Former Chief Justice) , Mr. Ashok Kapoor, Mr. Rounaq Yar Khan (Descendent of Nizam of Hyderabad) and others.

While talking to the attendees, His holiness mentioned that our ancient vedas spoke of a lot of scientefic methods for solving various problems but the western world didnot agree. Even before satellites were identified and to mark that earth was mapped, our vedas have demonstrated us with better mapping of the earth. It is said that in Ramayana, earth has been depicted as a rabbit chasing a bush which is nothing but the inverted map of the world.

Justice Venkatachalaiah said “While we want to go back and bring more informatoin from the vedas, we still need to acknowledge the role of western medicines in our country, earlier to western medicine an average lifetime of a human was just 27 years, which now has grown to 70 years and it is expected that it will grow to much higher in the near future. We could eradicate small pox and plague only due to western medicines. It is good to bring back our ancient traditions and customs, but we should work in harmony and in tandem with other systems too.”

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