Over 400 Registrations facilitated by VTPC Karnataka for traders to sell Karnataka based GI Products

Bengaluru, 27 Nov: At a Session on Overview of IPR Regime in India held today on the occasion on Day 2 of Global Exhibition on Services in Bengaluru Palace, Visvesvaraya Trade Promotion Centre (VTPC), a nodal agency of Department of Industries and Commerce, Govt of Karnataka announced that they shall be facilitating a fresh set of Geographical Indications Authorised User Applications to GI Registry Chennai across various GIs of Karnataka. Till now over 176 applications has been processed and further another 261 applications have been applied spreading across 4 GI products in the Handicraft segment namely Bidriware, Kolhapuri Chappals, Molakalmuru Sarees and Mysore Traditional Paintings. A total of 437 applications has been applied to date.

The applications are being documented and shall be forwarded to GI Registry Chennai. Karnataka is the pioneer in the country to come out with an exclusive GI Policy to promote artisans and protect traditional legacies and heritage. It is to be noted that Karnataka holds the top place of 42 GI Tags with the inclusion of the Gulbarga Toor Dal out of total listed 361 (as listed on ipindia website). However, any trader cannot sell the GI Tagged products just like that. Ideally to sell a GI Product the person has to be a Registered User with the GI Registry Chennai either as a manufacturer of the product or as a registered agent /trader to sell them. Also the registered agent should purchase from the registered manufacturer only.

VTPC supports these GI manufacturers and traders by helping them by handholding and facilitating the registration process.

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