PRIMECARE HOSPITAL Announces Embrace Fertility Center, Frazer Town, Bengaluru

Bengaluru 18th December 2019: PRIMECARE flags of Embrace Fertility Center, which is dedicated to excellence in Fertility care. The state-of-the-art Embrace Fertility Center with highly skilled clinicians offers all services related to infertility treatment for both men and women, including counselling, ultrasound monitoring, male and female fertility evaluation, intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and more. Our special effort is always to help you to have your own baby out of your eggs and sperms, we do not advocate donor eggs / sperms / or surrogacy.

 We provide female-friendly IVF treatment that delivers better health outcomes for mothers and babies. Our pioneering approach to IVF focuses on the quality of eggs, rather than quantity.

Our vision is to promote fully proven fertility treatment which offers women the best chance of success and reduces the burden associated to infertility.

  “Being childless is emotionally and physically unpleasant and it is very lonely journey of life.” According to the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, 10-14% of married couples in India face infertility. Nearly 27.5 million couples who want to conceive suffer from infertility.

Some of the causes for infertility are lifestyle factors, increasing marital age, rising alcohol and tobacco consumption and obesity. Clinical factors are increasing prevalence of medical conditions such as women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), tubal factors, endometriosis and abnormalities of ovaries, fallopian tubes, or the uterus and men with sperm transport disorders, azoospermia, oligoasthenoteratozoospermia, hypospermia etc.

It is surprising to know that only 45% of couples visit a doctor when they are trying to conceive; only 1% of infertile couples seek treatment. And to make matters worse, 55% of women are not even aware about ovulation tracking products like fertility gadget and 75% of men don’t.

Dr. Rizwana Iqbal, Director, Embrace Fertility Centre by Primecare said, “Infertility is becoming rampant even amongst young married couples. It is mostly due to ovulation disorder in women and abnormal semen parameters in men. Even diabetes and hypertension plays a very pivotal role in both men and women. Furthermore, lifestyle induced disorders such as obesity and smoking are contributing towards high infertility rates. In addition the rising trend of marrying late, women fail to keep in mind that when they cross 35 years of age, their fertility potential gradually starts declining.

If a couple has been struggling for a child without success for more than a year, they must seek timely intervention to understand the problem and avoid further complications. It is also equally important to consult good infertility centre managed by an infertility specialist to improve the chances of conceiving sooner.

Dr. Syed Sayeed Ahmed, Chairman & CEO, Primecare Hospital said, “Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)” in India have evolved over the years. Technological advancements and expert clinicians have resulted in higher AART techniques like ICSI, IVF, IUI, invitro maturation (IVM), freezing and thawing of embryos and oocytes,  preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies (PGT-A) and Laser assisted hatching embryo transfer in India, with absolute ethical practices and upgraded medical procedures. Our center in Bangalore offers the best-in-class treatment for both men and women. I am extremely happy to see another esteem and wonderful addition in the journey of Primecare Hospital with the launch of our first IVF centre in the city, enabling us to help couples embrace parenthood in the most memorable manner.”

Embrace IVF fertility centre, with its presence in Bangalore, plans to rapidly expand its footprints across other parts of the country with its evidence-based approach towards reproductive medicine.

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