Innovations in Healthcare will be successful only if they are affordable and accessible : Sudhanshu Pandey

Kochi, 31 Jan:  Shri Sudhanshu Pandey, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India said that India has consistently played special role in the health care industry across the world. We are the only country to make medicines as affordable as possible only because of our innovations. We have saved over US$1.3 trillion to United States through our Pharmaceutical exports from over 1400 plants all approved by all major accreditation parties across the world.

In a panel discussion on “Advancements in Health Tech innovations in India”, Shri Pandey mentioned that Innovation unless is useful or is reachable to people has no use for it especially in the healthcare segment. It is good to have innovations, but it also need to be economical and easily accessible.

The panel was organized as part of the India Heals programmes organized by the Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC), a setup under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The discussion was moderated by Ms. Upasana Arora, Chairman, Yashoda Hospitals & Central Governing Council Member, Healthcare services, SEPC and the Panelists were

  • Shri Sudhanshu Pandy, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, GOI
  • Vivek Tiwari, Founder & CEO, Medika bazaar
  • Prashanth Marla, Medical Director A J Hosptal and Research Centre


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